Factory Elite Team

  • Alfredo Campo #593


    Arguably the fastest South American on the planet to race a BMX, Alfredo Campo has equipped himself with the #yessbmx #LP65 frame and is now a force to be reckoned with on the WorldCup Circuit. This 2011 Junior Elite Champion is more hungry for the top position than ever with the 2016 RIO Olympics just around the corner.   Personal Sponsors: ANSR MX, Vivant & Graiman
  • Morten Therkildsen #102


    2014 WORLD Masters Champion Morten Therkildsen wanted and needed the best bike available, knowing that fellow competitor Liam Phillips uses only the best in the business, Morten now equipped with the #LP65 YessBMX frame has continued to do the Yess family proud and taken his bike to the top of the World podium
  • Danny Caluag #87


    Danny C has always been a friend to the Yess BMX family ever since he took the newly redesigned YessBMX to the USABMX Tulsa Grands mains in 2011. Now that he's a member of the Filipino Olympic team Danny needed the best frame at his disposal to take him to the top once again. Personal Sponsors: Oakley, AliasMX, Insight, Shimano
  • Liam Phillips #65

    United Kingdom

    On his maiden Worlds Voyage in 2013, Liam Phillips battled through the World's Top Elite men and conquered the top podium position. Claiming victory at this year's First WorldCup installment at Manchester Indoor SX.

    Personal Sponsors: Ultimate Bmx Parts, Oakley, Leatt-brace, Fox, Adidas, Renthal, Shimano
  • Nick Fox #927

    New Zealand

    One New Zealand's newest Elite members pulling off a WorldCup Main in last year's SX Final in Abbotsford. Missing most of the first half of the season due to injuries Nick is seeking retribution and step 1 was sweeping the Pro class during his 2013 USABMX Summertour. His goal now is to own the podium wherever he travels to. Personal Sponsors: Liquid Customs http://www.nick-fox.com/
  • Alex Tougas W1


    Everything Alex can win, he has won, now his ultimate goal is to keep it consistent keeping his eye on the prize! Bringing home the medal for Canada! Personal Sponsors: PhD Nutrition, Stealth Hubs, Leatt-brace
  • Amanda Geving #31


    Amanda Geving has been sweeping the US Pro nationals for 2013 and dominated all of SSA's Florida State races. Her bike skills has even been penalized for being too good. One of USA's top woman you could always see her not wandering far from the podium!

    Personal sponsors: Profile Racing, TroyLeeDesigns, Sunringle, Specialized, Oakley, Tangent, Rennen, AnswerBMX, Dan's Comp, RideLikeAGirl
  • Amelia Walsh #82


    Amelia Walsh is Canada's #1 fastest girl in BMX Race and now she's out for glory lining up elbow to elbow with the worlds elite women. Our National Champion has proven she can ride with the guys and sometimes putting them to shame.

    Personal Sponsors: Deft Family, TroyLeeDesigns, Clif Bars
  • James Palmer #66


    James Palmer is the youngest Elite on the Squad but don't let this designation fool you, he's already proven himself all year long that he is one of Canada's top contenders with several top results in the Canadian Cycling Association and USABMX events for 2013.

    Personal Sponsors: Deft Family, Vans, 100%
  • Yo Thach


    Yo Thach is still in the game and racing in the Vet Pro class. He trains hard every day and is always ready for the next big race!

    Personal Sponsors: Gram Lite Components, Stealth Hubs, Rim Spec
  • Alejandro Alcojor


    Spain's youngest Junior elite, Alejandro has swept through the Spanish podiums all year long. Moving up the food chain, Alejandro shows his dirtjump skills on the the track and still has time to showboat!
  • Giacomo Fantoni #117


    One of Italy's finest Elite, Giacomo is out to put his Country on the BMX map. A 2016 Olympic hopeful.