his success is the changing to yess


Cédric had an awesome season. it's unbelievable. he is swiss champion, vice-europeanchampion and 3rd at the worlds. and all this in his first year junior..... one piece of his success is the changing to yess - Daniel Butti (Cedric's father)

Cédric Butti
Swiss Elite, World 3, European 2, Swiss 1 2016

The best bmx frames I have ever ridden

Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 11.42.14 PM

The reason YESS frames are a step ahead of the competition is because of the fact that they're so stiff. When a rider rides these bikes and when they pedal on these bikes, all of the energy that they put in to the pedal goes in a straight line. With a shorter back end, this allows the bike to be more responsive to the rider. It gives them an easier balancing point when you are manualling. Most riders when they ride this bike for the first time, they don't want to move back to their old bikes. In fact, two of my riders quit their sponsors because they wanted to ride these frames. They really are the best bmx frames I've ever ridden.

Ken Cools

" faster out of the gate "

IMG_7903 (1)

I've honestly gotten faster out of the gate and this thing can manual better than anything.

Maurice Dickinson
Toronto, Canada

I could specifically feel the difference out the gate

Tim O'Brien
About two years ago I started doing some research into the Yess frames. I started mailing Renny about the geometry and asking all the questions about why the frame was designed the way it was. I was on a very good frame at that time, but I was looking for something extra, something that would make me feel good riding it.
I decided to get the Type X cruiser frame, and immediately I felt the difference. The frame was so stiff and responsive, I loved it. I could specifically feel the difference out the gate, and I felt more in control over jumps.
I also got my son a Yess, and it is absolutely trick. We love our bikes. Won't change it for anything.
Tim O'Brien
South Africa

noticeably faster at the track and riding with more confidence


My son Yuho Kim has switched frame to Yess Mini BMX Frame. He was noticeably faster at the track and riding with more confidence. I believe stiffness of the frame and well designed geometry is contributing to superior performance

James Kim

James Kim

from even the first lap I rode it and I loved it

I've got know the guys at Yess over the last two years and recently been to the factory and seen the processes they go through building their frames. They are extremely passionate about building their product to the highest quality and this is definitely what sets them apart from other companies.
I was given the opportunity in 2010 to try out a prototype Yess frame, simply to test out and had no intention of leaving the frame deal I was currently in, but I felt something very different in that frame, from even the first lap I rode it and I loved it.
Over the 2 years riding a Yess I've seen the company grow very quickly and the frames and production getting better and better. The support I've had from the crew at Yess is unbelievable, it makes me proud to be in the team and could not thank them enough for the last 2 years and looking forward to working with them in the near future!
Nick Fox
NewZealand High Performance Squad

delivers an extraordinary handling on the track


With more than 30y of experience in the BMX-racing scene I have never #SHREDTHETRACK on such a great bike stock out of the factory. The Yess Type_0 frame has an edge on its race geometry & delivers an extraordinary handling on the track. Built with the SEI components kit the bike is transformed into a perfect blend racing machine for an amateur & professional racer. The Yess/SEI Type_0 combo has everything a WINNER wants; stiff, light weight, affordable and looks off the chain!

Zahur Fraai

The welds are flawless


I got my cruiser frame a couple of weeks ago and I love it. It went together well well. The welds are flawless and the way it handles on the track is amazing.

Carlos Arroyo

fast and very responsive


I just recently purchased a YESS Xtype XXL and was really impressed with the looks, price and especially how it handled! I haven't raced or rode a 20" in 15yrs and when I got a chance to race it for the first time at a National, I placed 2nd in the xpert class :) I felt strong and right at home on my setup. It's fast and very responsive and noticed zero flex, I'm 6foot and 205lbs also. Glad to ride/support, a World class Canadian bmx manufacture.!! I'm looking forward to some more podiums this season. Thanks for building such a solid product.

Jon Rondeau

three words... light, fast and smooth

A fifteen year old teammate on the Terminators was really interested in Yess frames. Since there didn't seem to be many in Western, Pennsylvania, we didn't know what we were missing. This is changing... ever since we started using Yess frames people always strike up a conversation about them. These frames have a "feel" all their own. They are so light and they fit like a glove. As a matter of fact, they are so smooth that I don't even think about the bike when I'm racing. I can focus on track position and other matters at hand. Almost instantly, my manualing and jumping have improved. There is no transition period getting used the these frames... just a little bewilderment why we didn't try them sooner. I'm in love with my cruiser frame and can't wait for my 20" frame to arrive. My Granddaughter described the frames in three words... light, fast and smooth. Grandma said she saw instant improvement in our riding! Yess makes great, one of a kind frames and they are a great company to deal with. Already more people in this area are buying Yess frames, I think they may be contagious! Are we thrilled with our frames... Yess!!!


As long as they make these frames this is what I ride!

This frame is SICK!! As long as they make these frames this is what I ride!

Erik Conlan

frame is a game changer


This frame is a game changer if you spend money you feel confident that you will get the results!!!!



Micheal Joeseph

These bikes are the top of the top line


The two frames are amazing. I have races my black (race) bike in Atlanta as well as in Rockford. I got on 4 out of 5 podiums at those 2 races. This past weekend in South Park, I decided to race by grey/silver (sprint/trail) bike. I made mains both days and was up for the win in both. I got a 3rd on day 1 and dorked the first straight while battling for 1st and got passed by everyone by time I got to the turn. Long story short, I love the bikes man. They're solid. The drive/power transfer is amazing. Got right on them and transitioned right into everything well, even gates. These bikes are the top of the top line.

Olijuwon Davis
USA - Speed Peddlers

proud to ride


This is the first think I keep in mind when I ride.

I've been riding since 1999. I’m 23 and I live in Reunion Island which is in Indian Ocean near Africa.

During my life as a rider, I tried many frames, (Specialized hemi and FAT BOY, Redline RL340, Koxx XTP, Redman, Speed, GT box…) and I've ridden on many of tracks all around the world (California, France, Spain, and German). But there is no place like home. To well understand my point of view, we have a big issue with our BMX track. The weather here is very good all year long but often we have a lot of rain! That’s why it’s very difficult to keep the track clean because of erosion.

Riding with a YESS frame is very pleasant in this condition. The stiffness of the frame allows us to keep the speed in rhythm section and corner. Due to the MTO and the L2S I’m one step ahead concerning riding on the track. “Pedal Hard Ride Smooth” is no more a dream…
Carbon frame is too much in Reunion Island because of our problem of soil stabilization.

Even if a lot of people think carbon is the future of BMX, I think YESS frame is the good compromise between efficiency and reliability.

Finally, I’m proud to ride on my YESS frame because it is made by a real bicycles expert and that do the difference.

Ludovic Auber
Reunion Island

maximum speed in a short time


I choose Yess to Represent because they're a great brand and have heard great things about this organization.

Yess is also a top brand in the BMX community, the bikes are pristine...

The Yess bike is super light for the amount of stiffness the frame gives out... all the power goes straight to the wheel, allowing you to get maximum speed in a short time. The Yess frame suited my riding style making me feel like one with the bike.

The business operates well and is on their toes! Keeping busy and always finding ways to improve their product.

Maynard Peel
Junior World Champion 2016, New Zealand

I have never felt so at one with my bike

Yess Capture157

I was so happy when Renny told me that Yess were going to make a xxxl frame, and even more pleased when I got to take it to the track. The Yess is the stiffest and most responsive frame I have ever had, I have never felt so at one with my bike! Not only do Yess make the best frames but the people behind the scenes are what make the company that extra bit special. They will go out of their way to provide the best customer service and are driven to make the best BMX frames on the market today. I can't thank Renny and Bill enough.

Adam Brazil
United Kingdom

not only is this combo rigid on the track, it is also beautiful to look at


Even though I am a bigger guy at 240lbs, when I raced a few years ago I had always ridden the lightest frames I could find trying to cut bike weight. When I decided to come back to the sport recently, I chose my next frame based on the reputation of stiffness and Yess products were at the top of that list. I snagged a 3XL Type X 20” frame and married it up with the newly released Yess 20” pro alloy fork and put it on the track for the first-time last week. With the robust Yess frame/fork design coupled with the 20mm front and 15mm rear axles, I was shocked how responsive this bike was. I felt everything through my hands and feet as if that buffer between the ground and my body was eliminated. That “buffer” was undoubtedly frame/fork flex that I was used to which took away some of the feel ultimately coming at the cost of responsiveness. When driving a sports car you want to feel the road, right? At race speed, this bike wanted to go airborne over every jump because the rigidity of the frame/fork with no loss of energy through frame/fork flex. In terms of aesthetics, the lines of the new alloy fork flow with the Yess frame architecture flawlessly and not only is this combo rigid on the track, it is also beautiful to look at. With all that said, my 3XL Type X complete with plate/pedals weighs in at 19.78lbs which I think gives me the very best of both worlds.

John Beck