...superb quality of the frame

YessCapture_46 Nov. 27


It's a good two weeks and quite a  few sessions on my yess frame and I must say that I'm LOVING it.
The 3xl is definitely the right size and I am feeling comfortable and confident on my bike, jumping and manualing are a pleasure.
The key seems to be the balance point on the bike. I find it more centred and subsequently more predictable then on other frames I have ridden.
Thank you for all the excellent advice, great service - love my frame in yellow - and the superb quality of the frame.
I hope and believe that Yess will go from strength to strength and become one of the great names in BMX racing.

Maurice Coopmans
South Africa

I was really impressed with how much better my gates were getting


\What I can say about YESS bikes, is that after more than 20 years of me racing BMX as an amateur, elite and vet pro rider, this is the first time, I am staying with a bike for consecutive racing seasons.

It is clear that the frame has been designed and constructed to perform at the highest levels, but under my perspective, 30 and over year old racers can get the most of the bike for the following reasons.

* It is a really light bike which is very appreciated if you are not physically fit and don´t have time for your sprints and gym like back in your 20s.

* It is a really stiff bike which allows you to transfer most of your power throughout the first pedals out of the gate making you have a better first straight

* The back end angles of the frame is designed to be highly responsive which will help you to manual, pump and jump those 3rd and 4th straights where you begin to feel exhausted and most if not all of the traditional BMX tracks have a rhythm section or jumps where you are require to maintain your speed and strength to the end of the race.

* The low bottom bracket is different from all of the well known BMX bikes, which at first can throw you off your riding habits and skills, but when I got use to it I was really impressed with how much better my gates were getting and things that I was afraid to try in the past were actually working better for me and made me realize this was a bike that I had been looking for so many years.

Pablo Ordonez
Madrid, Spain

fully improved every aspect of my riding

Yess Capture134

So pleased to be riding Yess frame this year. i have been riding my Yess for nearly a month now and will happily stay riding it for a long time . I can feel a critical difference changing from my Avent to a Yess frame , much stiffer and way more responsive to the rider , its perfect to ride in evey way and i feel it has fully improved every aspect of my riding , i have no negatives on the frame , the popularity of Yess in New Zealand is rapidly growing , i've had so many compliments and comments on my frame in the short time i've had it . its just perfect

Hamish Mackie
New Zealand

The best bmx frames I have ever ridden

Screen Shot 2012-08-14 at 11.42.14 PM

The reason YESS frames are a step ahead of the competition is because of the fact that they're so stiff. When a rider rides these bikes and when they pedal on these bikes, all of the energy that they put in to the pedal goes in a straight line. With a shorter back end, this allows the bike to be more responsive to the rider. It gives them an easier balancing point when you are manualling. Most riders when they ride this bike for the first time, they don't want to move back to their old bikes. In fact, two of my riders quit their sponsors because they wanted to ride these frames. They really are the best bmx frames I've ever ridden.

Ken Cools

manuals like a dream

Yess Capture158

The frame is AWESOME, it feels really stiff manuals like a dream and is very light, im really enjoying the ride, I have had a few guys ride it and everybody speaks highly of it. A lot of the guys saw them at the worlds and have enquired about buying, we have a few races coming up and will get to show it off more and get more guys to ride it, so far it has received excellent response.

Shaun Sinden
South Africa

I have never felt so at one with my bike

Yess Capture157

I was so happy when Renny told me that Yess were going to make a xxxl frame, and even more pleased when I got to take it to the track. The Yess is the stiffest and most responsive frame I have ever had, I have never felt so at one with my bike! Not only do Yess make the best frames but the people behind the scenes are what make the company that extra bit special. They will go out of their way to provide the best customer service and are driven to make the best BMX frames on the market today. I can't thank Renny and Bill enough.

Adam Brazil
United Kingdom

Yess you can trust


This is Issiah "Syco Ike" Hill Elite Pro. Now some frames can take punishment, and some frames will just fall short no matter what.  Yess frames have a proven structural integrity system that is unmatched by any other aluminum frame. At the Canada Cup Nationals in 2012, I took a really hard nose dive into the third pro section jump. I bent my forks, my frame and cracked my helmet. I also knocked myself clean out. After the race I took a look at my Yess frame and it struck me, the top tube on my Yess frame actually acted like a shock absorber, whereas it lessened the impact of the nose dive crash. After realizing this, I also realized it didn't snap and it didn't crack, like most frames would have done. It also allowed me to walk away from a very serious crash. Now for a week after that I was sore and rattled, but I am still racing and getting faster thanks to my Yess. All I can say is, if you want a race bike you can trust, then get a Yess. If you want to win, get a Yess!

Elite Pro, ISsiah "Syco Ike" Hill
Calgary, Canada

frames are just so well made

Yess Capture135
I've been on the Yess frame since the end off last year and there is no regrets about taking this opportunity to support and make this company well known through the Bmx community. The frames are just so well made and an unusual but standout design. The shape of this frame gives it no movement what so ever which is what most riders these days are after and the short back end gives it the finishing touch. To some it up this is the best all round frame I have ever rode and I am so thankful to Renny from Yess Bmx and Bunny from BBcycles.
Troy Ewens

love the YESS

414222_10151420553395461_706999286_o 2

My son Ethan is 7 Years old expert and we race out of Kingston Ontario Canada we absolutely love the YESS frame. It is very light and easy to build. Ethan is going into his 3rd year of racing and we are looking forward to an amazing season thank you to all the people at YESS for this amazing Frame. Oh and the first race on the bike was a first place finish. We have had a number of people come over and ask to look at the bike and the frame they really like the design and the looks you really stand out on this ride. Once again thank you YESS Family.

Scott Sutton
Kingston, Ontario

Couldn't be more happy

Yess Capture137

Since I've got back on the bike since my 9 month break. I have had the privilege to ride a Yess frame. From the very first day that I did sprints on the bike I noticed a major difference in the way the bike pedaled. The frame is very responsive. The square style tubing on the front end of the frame has made it really stiff, which makes it respond to your every move! Handles awesome makes jumping easier, manualing smoother and gates faster.Couldn't be more happy with this bike and to be involved with a Great company. Thanks again for the opportunity.

Jeff Upshaw
Dayton, Ohio

When I first used my yess frame I noticed my times in training being faster


The yess bmx frame ! Where do I start ? I have been using a yess frame through out the 2012 season and I'm pleased to say I have had great results since switching to it . I originally rode with a crupi frame which I also loved and had no problems with but when I was given the chance to try a yess frame I gave it a shot and I'm so glad I did so ! The frame is a lot stiffer on the back end which has helped with my gates and manualling on the track . When I first used my yess frame I noticed my times in training being faster and the general feel of the bike being a lot more responsive which I loved ! I would highly recommend anyone to try a yess frame !

Curtis Manaton
British Academy Elite Rider

from even the first lap I rode it and I loved it

I've got know the guys at Yess over the last two years and recently been to the factory and seen the processes they go through building their frames. They are extremely passionate about building their product to the highest quality and this is definitely what sets them apart from other companies.
I was given the opportunity in 2010 to try out a prototype Yess frame, simply to test out and had no intention of leaving the frame deal I was currently in, but I felt something very different in that frame, from even the first lap I rode it and I loved it.
Over the 2 years riding a Yess I've seen the company grow very quickly and the frames and production getting better and better. The support I've had from the crew at Yess is unbelievable, it makes me proud to be in the team and could not thank them enough for the last 2 years and looking forward to working with them in the near future!
Nick Fox
NewZealand High Performance Squad

the frame is a work of art

Yess Capture138
Yess = Greatest frame ever built . the frame is a work of art , its perfect to ride in evey way and has fully improved evey aspect of my riding , its soooo hard to find a con about the frame , its just perfect , i have been riding it for nearly 3 months and have got it custom painted , i live in hamilton new zealand and yess is slowly becoming one of the most popular bikes in this country thanks to the help of @Robin , keep up the good work and im sure you'll keep producing great products :) thanks
Joshua Jordan
New Zealand

everyone with one is just winning


Yess has been the best bike I've ridden in my 11 years of doing bmx. my first national championship was won on a yess bike and Ive noticed dramatic improvements in my riding. everyone wants a yess bike, and everyone with one is just winning more races. my bike is custom painted and i love it!

Abby Fox
New Zealand

the power goes instantly to the rear wheel

Yess Capture136

Hi my name is Giacomo Fantoni and I'm an Italian BMX rider.
When I rode my first Yess frame, I was a bit scared because I tought that the bike was too light for BMX, I started racing when I was 7 and I tried a lot of frames in my career, none was as light as Yess! With the right components you can have a bike which weight is under 8.5kg and that's great!!! With more confidence you can feel the stiffness of the frame, the instant reaction to all your moves and changes of direction. I don't know why but on the track everything seems easier to do. The first time I tried gates I really don't know what to do, due to the reaction time of the frame, now I have to start a bit later because the power goes instantly to the rear wheel .
I can clearly say that the Yess frame is a new big step to reach my objectives in the future!
Jack #117

Giacomo Fantoni

Glad I had trusted YESS for their superb frame


Hi my name is Quentin GRÜN and I am French. Last season, I made the choice to ride a YESS despite that nobody had this frame before me in France and I have no regrets! Thanks to the stiffness and responsiveness of the frame, as soon as you ride you feel great, at ease and you improve your BMX skills faster than you would with another frame. I’m very glad to know that there are more and more Yess frames in the world. It’s the result of a well-built frame and an innovative and friendly company. It really is the best BMX frame I’ve ever ridden. Thanks a lot Renny and the entire YESS company!

Quentin Grun

three words... light, fast and smooth

A fifteen year old teammate on the Terminators was really interested in Yess frames. Since there didn't seem to be many in Western, Pennsylvania, we didn't know what we were missing. This is changing... ever since we started using Yess frames people always strike up a conversation about them. These frames have a "feel" all their own. They are so light and they fit like a glove. As a matter of fact, they are so smooth that I don't even think about the bike when I'm racing. I can focus on track position and other matters at hand. Almost instantly, my manualing and jumping have improved. There is no transition period getting used the these frames... just a little bewilderment why we didn't try them sooner. I'm in love with my cruiser frame and can't wait for my 20" frame to arrive. My Granddaughter described the frames in three words... light, fast and smooth. Grandma said she saw instant improvement in our riding! Yess makes great, one of a kind frames and they are a great company to deal with. Already more people in this area are buying Yess frames, I think they may be contagious! Are we thrilled with our frames... Yess!!!


proud to ride


This is the first think I keep in mind when I ride.

I've been riding since 1999. I’m 23 and I live in Reunion Island which is in Indian Ocean near Africa.

During my life as a rider, I tried many frames, (Specialized hemi and FAT BOY, Redline RL340, Koxx XTP, Redman, Speed, GT box…) and I've ridden on many of tracks all around the world (California, France, Spain, and German). But there is no place like home. To well understand my point of view, we have a big issue with our BMX track. The weather here is very good all year long but often we have a lot of rain! That’s why it’s very difficult to keep the track clean because of erosion.

Riding with a YESS frame is very pleasant in this condition. The stiffness of the frame allows us to keep the speed in rhythm section and corner. Due to the MTO and the L2S I’m one step ahead concerning riding on the track. “Pedal Hard Ride Smooth” is no more a dream…
Carbon frame is too much in Reunion Island because of our problem of soil stabilization.

Even if a lot of people think carbon is the future of BMX, I think YESS frame is the good compromise between efficiency and reliability.

Finally, I’m proud to ride on my YESS frame because it is made by a real bicycles expert and that do the difference.

Ludovic Auber
Reunion Island