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A new standard for strength and reliability

See the Reach BMX Fork

The most advanced in bmx aluminum

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Gear for the new face of BMX


The purebred performance of YESSBMX's geometry puts its finely crafted bmx frames in a class all its own.


Jean-Luc Meunier

I just received my World Cup after a "long" week waiting for it to be delivered. Man, this frame is just amazing! The design, the welds (as a pro welder, I’m pretty picky about welding quality), the color, the small details, everything is just perfect. I can’t wait to ride it in 2020! Thanks a lot to Renny and his team!

Mason Pike

A big thank you to the awesome team at Yess BMX for the first class service! We ordered a frame and fork with custom colours on Thursday night and it was delivered the following Tuesday! The bike looks amazing!

Christopher Angelo

My son rides with his team here in New York at the New Paltz track and in Kingston point . We’re very luck to have two tracks 30 mins from our home and 4 tracks within an hour . After Carmine turned 7 and then went from being a novice rider to an intermediate class , we knew it was time to upgrade our equipment . We went to a yess type x jr frame and reach forks . We also built an expert as well as a type x expert cruiser to ride in the cruiser class. His team All ride yess frames . The past two events we’ve had here in New York and Connecticut they won the team event at nationals in egg harbor New Jersey and the gold cup team challenge in Trumbull Connecticut . They are very talented riders . Aging from 5 to 18 . Our oldest rider Mariana just left to ride for Marian college . The younger riders have taken to her as she has taken the role of a coach at times . These kids are amazing and I truly think we would be an asset to the yess family . As they all ride yess anyway ! Only the best for our young athletes

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