1. Picture of BB of hard tail

2. Picture of ETR-B + BB Cup

3. Apply Grease onto BB Cup

4. Insert BB Cup into ETR-B Mounting hole

5. Position ETR-B so that it won’t rub against Chain stay

6. Tighten BB Cup into position

7. Insert Chainring/Crank into BB

8. Place Chain on top of Chain-ring and over pulley on the ETR-B

9. Rotate crank clock-wise

10. ETR-B is now functional

11. Ensure there is some slack in the chain when the ETR-B is not engaged

ETR-B can be adjusted to the Chainring size by loosening the extension bolt on the main body

Tension can be adjusted in two ways:
– The different mounting positions around the pivot
– Loosening the BB cup and rotating the body

The chain line can be adjusted by loosening the bolt on the pulley arm.